Teater Ekamatra presents its take on Anthony Burgess's 1962 cult classic, A Clockwork Orange. Adapted by Zulfadli Rashid and directed by Noor Effendy Ibrahim, A Clockwork Orange takes place in a repressive, totalitarian state where ordinary citizens have fallen into a passive stupor of complacency, blind to the seething discontent amongst its youths. The play was performed by Rizman Putra, Elnie S Mashari, Roslan Kemat, Shafiqhah Efandi, Suhaili Safari, and Izzul Irfan, in Malay with English surtitles.


In a city filled with often-broken promises,

I am your good narrator, brother.

Now, help yourself.

As I


and you


A dash of blood


a little keroncong.


there will be

no hollow

after our hearts

grow stale

of crying.

Esplanade Theatre Studio (2019)

By Teater Ekamatra

Playwright: Zulfadli RashidNabilah Said

Director: Noor Effendy Ibrahim

Performers: Elnie S Mashari, Izzul Irfan, Rizman Putra, Roslan Kemat, Shafiqjaj Efandi & Suhaili Safari

Dramaturg: Nazri Bahrawi

Production Designer: Akbar Syadiq

Lighting Designer: Adrian Tan

Sound Designer: Safuan Johari

Visual Media Designer: Eric Lee

Video of full performance: Available upon request for research and academic purposes only.