baca skrip: #_____ is a monthly series of online Malay play readings happening from May to August 2020. Putting the spotlight on the written text, the platform revisits seminal works by Singapore Malay playwrights. This series hopes to create the space to consider the resonance of the text today, appreciating the textures in the use of the Malay language while peeping into the history of contemporary Malay playwriting.

Co-produced by Fezhah Maznan and Teater Ekamatra.


The second edition of baca skrip: #___ features Noor Effendy Ibrahim with Anak Melayu, read in Malay with accompanying Malay text and English sur-titles.


When his play, Anak Melayu, first came out in 1992, it was received with intense reservation and caution from the Malay community. The play presented a very raw, uncomfortable, and unforgiving portrayal of the psyches of 6 Malay youths and their relationships with family, religion, and love. Almost 30 years on, these characters are still disconcertingly familiar in the community. Anak Melayu entangles us in the messy web that every character weaves as they navigate their realities with themselves and with each other.

baca skrip: #_____, an online (Zoom) project (2020)

By Fezhah Maznan & Teater Ekamatra

Playwright & Director: Noor Effendy Ibrahim

Performers: Ali Mazrin, Amirah Yahya, Farah Lola, Izzul Irfan, Rusydina Afiqah and Saifuddin Jumadi

The Substation Guinness Theatre (1992)

By Teater Kami

Playwright & Director: Noor Effendy Ibrahim

Performers: Junainah Yusoff, Mohd Fared Jainal, Nizam (Usman) Rahman, Rosita Hussin, Sani Hussin & Siti Hajar Abdul Gani