Dance, Darling, Dance

It begins with a breath. It ends in a dance.

Joget, Abang, Joget (Dance, Darling, Dance) is the further development of the solo performance Dancing with the Ghost of My Child, first performed in Singapore for R.I.T.E.S #5-2011 (Rooted in the Ephemeral Speak) in 2011 by Effendy. In this work, Effendy continues his on-going performance research to excavate inherent and latent memories within the body through abuse on the flesh, and to understand concepts of guilt and desire as he negotiates his faith and his constantly shifting identities in a society that he sees as seeking to neuter otherness. In Joget, Abang, Joget, Effendy seeks to reconcile ideas of tenderness in violence.

Joget, Abang, Joget is ready and available for international tour/travel.

M1 Singapore Fringe Festival 2014, Singapore (2014)

By ponggurl

Artistic Director-Producer & Production Designer: Noor Effendy Ibrahim

Performers: Elizabeth De Roza, Mish'aal Syed Nasar, Noor Effendy Ibrahim, and Yazid Jalil 

Lighting Design: Anuar Mohd

Sound Art (live): anGie Seah